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This web page has grown from "Ralph Nimmann's home page" to a recognised and established information network on the Internet (about 20MB) for Cambridge and beyond. It has 500 - 1000 unique visitors every day (see View My Stats) and contains around 300 pages (July 2008) in 20 subdirectories, over 400+ files, 5000+ links, many entries, contacts - and lots of inspiration.

Rainbow Network Cambridge organises events and parties and helps people to find kindred spirits and the right groups by providing and sharing information as well as through e-mail lists and personal contacts.

It needs your co-operation, input and support. Check the latest updates on this web site at NEW on Rainbow Network
The Internet service provider is the small local and independent Cambridge Freenet (CamNet) - www.cam.net.uk
Sorry, if I do not anwer all email - I have 100s of flagged email waiting to be dealt with.. more information below.

Please help by reporting broken links and updating entries (I can't check them all) and making a link from your web page. Ralph

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The Gift of Life - a wake up call & inspirational message

Below on this page you find:
overview e-mail lists | Background & History | Structure of this web page | Support this web page

Who would like to become part of a team looking after the Rainbow Network
(update web page, answer e-mail)? Contact Ralph

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E-MAIL LISTS of R a i n b o w Network Cambridge

E-mail communication is a vital part of this web aided network.
Here is an overview of the current free e-mail lists with a link to the relevant home page

. . . and social and personal contacts between people and groups in the area.

Ralph Nimmann @ his computer 
- Rainbow Network Cambridge - January 2011
Ralph Nimmann @ his computer
Rainbow Network Cambridge - 2011

Spirituality, ecology and healing really are connected. The purpose of this web page is to provide information, which is not found on other web pages, especially on the subjects of spiritual events and groups, healing & health, ecologic issues, peace and links to other special web pages.
Cambridge plays an important role as a national think tank, as a center of learning, science and research. We need to bring more "spirit" or "heart" into our lives and work to balance our brains and heal our being.

The R a i n b o w   Network Cambridge was set up in January 1998. It keeps the spirit of The Cambridge Centre alive, which was an independant, Findhorn orientated spiritual centre right in the city of Cambridge for 9 years until November 1998. It also carries on in the spirit of Greenwave - alternative magazine, a quarterly magazine for the region for many years, which provided a source of addresses, connections and events. Please see the ARCHIVE Pages on Rainbow Network about past activities

Occasionally I organize other Special events and sometimes Rainbow Parties to strengthen the personal contacts on an informal level. Everyone who feels connected to this network is invited.

STRUCTURE of the Web Page:
In addition to the Homepage Ra in bo w Network Cambridge there are several sub-homepages & welcome pages with a focus. Due to the nature of the contents some files appear as links on more than one page (eg. Dances of Universal Peace are spiritual AND healing AND an event) - you can choose, which site you want to mark as your favorite / bookmark and starting point on your PC:

Homepage Ra in bo w Network Cambridge: connecting heart and mind / bridging town and gown

Some sub-home pages have become independent and have now their own web site (and web master) like:
- CamLETS - now at www.camlets.org
- the Cambridge Inter-Faith Group -now at www.cam.net.uk/home/interfaith and
- the Subud Group Cambridge (now at www.cam.net.uk/home/subud)

VISITORS ("traffic") of the Web Page:
The R a i n b o w   N e t w o r k   Cambridge contains now around 300 pages and gets around 500 to 1000 unique visitors per day - see statcounter on the bottom of each page.

TECHNICAL DETAILS of the web site:
The original URL of Rainbow Network Cambridge is www.cam.net.uk/home/Nimmann/ or www.cam.net.uk/home/nimmann/ (with 'INDEX.HTM').
NEW domain address since January 2001 is www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk

Most of this page is written by hand in a simple "HTM code" in Notepad (without spell checker) and was originally generated with an OS/2 warp3 system, IBM WebExplorer v1.1h - and sometimes help from StarOffice 4.0; since summer '99 I had to join the club of WIN'98 users.

Supporting this Network:
I spend over 30 hours every week doing voluntary work, mostly connected with this web page.
Do you value Ralph's information on Rainbow Network Cambridge?
This internet page is by far not complete - I just do not have the time to change layout & update everything as I would like to - see WANTED !
Who likes to help me with events, updating and re-designing this web page?
I very much welcome any form of co-operation and sharing. If you have anything to contribute or notice outdated information or one of the 5000 links not working, please let me know. See OFFERS for more.

If you want your event, group or organization to be included on this page, contact me. If you already have your web page, please let me know your URL - I might put a link to your page (if you agree).
I appreciate, if you put links from your page to one of my pages, where appropiate - please let me know about it!
Hear from you! Ralph

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About the R A I N B O W :

What would the beauty of the rainbow be without all the different colours?
Together we can create magic.
Millions of tiny rain drops form the pixels and make up the rainbow,
create something beyond and higher than their own tiny individuality.
Since the times of the Old Testament the rainbow reminds us on God's promise
to stay with us - he will not create another flood -
if we remember and respect God.

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Foto: Ralph Nimmann  
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