The house where I lIve with Him

This is His Bed Room
Where I go to bed
Where I watch the Moon
Where I come to a mood

To the mood of dream
To the mood of flight
Where I fall asleep
Where I wake up

Where I greet the Sun
Where I start my day
Where I come from dreams
to my daily life

This is His Landing
Where I land myself
After my flights
After my dreams

This is His Kitchen
where I eat and drink
Where I can pray
Where I can think

This is His Sewing Room
Where I can sew
where I can sing
Where I can see

His studio
When I can paint
Which is linked to Him
where He creates

With my hands He draws
Through my heart He writes
I'm His safe tool
I'm His servant

His Angels keep
My hands strong and clean
His Angels keep
My heart hot and keen

Through my eyes He sees
Through my lungs He breathes
Through my mouth He sings
His Heaven's Song

This is His Library
Where He has books
Where I can learn
Where He could teach

This is His Drawing Room
Where I withdraw
where I can dance
Where I can draw

This is His Garden
Where I listen songs
Of Angels and trees
Of fairies and birds

This is His Living Room
Where I can live
Where I consider things
Where I can link

From the Below
To the Above
Where He is and me
And Angels His

Who are sent by Him
To help me to live
To help me to dance
To help me to draw

To help me to think
To help me to feel
To help me to watch
To help me to see

To help me to link
From His Above
To my Below
From me to Him
From Him to me

From His Servant's Room
Where I can help
Where I can pray
Where I can serve

by Vitalija, May 2003

This poem was inspired by the spirit of creativity in the house in Cambridge-Newnham, which Vitalija currently used as an art studio for a summer.

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