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Vitalija, summer 2013

Ralph & Vitalija, 2013
Ralph & Vitalija
in Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge FREE HUGS

Hebden Bridge Subud group?

Dances of Universal Peace Weekend Retreat Hebden Bridge, Calderdale / West Yorkshire

- created December 2014 -

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NEW: Fri 24 - Sun 26 April Cragg Vale / Hebden Bridge: Dances of Universal Peace SPRING-AWAKENING w/e with Vitalija & Ralph

The "Swan Bank Barns Retreat Centre" is a freshly and fully refurbished stone building, 4KM south of Hebden Bridge. It has been built with ecologic and natural material (like hemp as wall insulation, oiled wooden floor, solar panels etc.).We will retreat from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon in a sunny south facing rural quiet side valley of the picturous and hilly beautiful Cragg Vale, a jewel of Yorkshire.

Programme: Dances of Universal Peace, chanting, spiritual walks, meditation, Sufi practices, body orientated practices, sharing, praying, silence, cooking and feasting together.
There will be time to explore the beautiful outdoors.
Watch videos of us dancing: www.youtube.com/RainbowDanceUK

Here's some feedback from dancers with us: "After just a few short moments, my mind dropped into my heart where I found a beautiful meditative peace in the simple yet deep chants, dances and songs. I was made very welcome and the atmosphere was relaxed and supportive."
“Vitalija’s teaching creates a gently supportive safe environment allowing penetration of the deepest and most subtle aspects of The Dances of Universal Peace. Her leadership enabled me to have the most profound experience of the Dances and the joy remains!”
"Yesterday's dance session was powerful, uplifting and at times incredibly moving, especially the last dance. I came away feeling blissed out and full of goodwill to all mankind. Thank you and Vitalija for facilitating such a wonderful experience."
"You and your wife are wonderful people. I have never met anybody as unselfish and as caring as the two of you."

Read more feedback from dancers with us

Please bring: food to share for cooking together.
Cost: £90.- (includes bed for 2 nights and drinks). Early bird discount: £80,- if payed by Friday 6th March
Venue: Swan Bank Barns Retreat Centre, Swan Bank Farmhouse, Swine Market Lane, Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, HX7 5TB (venue tel: Radha, 01422 882249 - mobile: 07837 478884)

Map with arrow on streetmap.co.uk

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You might like to join Vitalija & Ralph at our open DUP Weekend in London-Rickmansworth @ Loudwater Farm in Spring and Autumn

Next weekend: Fri 27 - Sun 29 March 2015.

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