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Why the WEEKLY Dances of Universal Peace & Chanting with Ralph ended in Cambridge after 5 years

Remember? First at The Cambridge Centre, then at St. Luke's Church, after this at the Odd Fellow's Hall - and on 27 June 2002 the last weekly session in the great space of "Bharat Bhavan" (Old Library), Mill Road, Cambridge. £2.50 - £5 (sliding scale).
Despite the high quality of this joyful practice too few people have been attending this group.

I spent a lot of time, energy and money in offering the international peace dances here in Cambridge. Everything around us is cyclical: the seasons, the weather, day and night, birth and death... obviously this group and the people around Cambridge are not flourishing; so I allow it to die.

I'll organise chanting at my home & the peace dances will coninue on a monthly basis - see Programme page and let everyone on my dance email list know.
If you are keen on a day with dances and chanting, please let me know - I am still happy to organise special events - or come to your town or village and dance with you, if you invite me!

Another good bye in December 2010:

After several years of dancing at the Jesus Lane Friends Meeting House every 3rd Wednesday / month, I decided to stop these monthly evenings after December 2010. An evening in the middle of the week for only 2 hours did not attract many regular dancers.

From March 2011 I am offering seasonal Saturday afternoons at the other Hartington Grove Friends Meeting House.
This has free parking, and the room has windows on 4 sides and direct access to a garden.
I hope the dance circle will be bigger, and that other dancers will come and dance with us in Cambridge.


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