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updated 10 Oct 2014
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Ralph Nimmann & Vitalija have moved to Hebden Bridge in Calderdale / West Yorkshire in September 2012

Ralph is still maintaining this Events page - if you mail your Cambridge event to rainbowralph[AT], it may be published here.

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Mon 3 March 2014 Meeting of Cambridge Inter-Faith Group & AGM + talk by Canon Nigel Cooper, Anglia Ruskin Chaplain, on ‘Inter-faith work at Anglia Ruskin University.’ 7PM

The AGM will start at 7.00 p.m., followed by the talk at 7.30 p.m. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. Both the AGM and the talk are open to all.
Agenda for the AGM: Apologies; Appointment of chair and minute taker; Minutes of 2013 AGM; Report of activities in 2013; Financial report; Future plans; Election of committee; Membership; Any other business.
Anglia Ruskin University has had a multifaith chaplaincy for 9 years. Nigel Cooper will talk about the reasons for this development and its successes and challenges. He will include an account of the Faiths and Beliefs Network – a follow-on group from the East of England Faiths Council.
If you are willing, please advertise the event within your faith community.
David Wilman, Chair & secretary, Cambridge Inter-Faith Group; ddw[AT]; - Cambridge 276912.
VENUE: Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA.

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Sun Sept 14: Documentary Film about Bruno Groening 10am - 4pm (by Bruno Groening Circle of Friends Cambridge)

A fascinating documentary film of Bruno's life, many report spontaneous healings while watching. The film is free to watch - it's an all day affair so bring a cushion and a packed lunch!
Bruno Groening was a healer from the early to mid 1900's who lived in Germany. During his lifetime he healed thousands of people and opened a connection to a 'higher power that helps and heals'. He said that 'God is the greatest physician'. Today this higher power is still available to us in the form of a divine healing energy called 'The Heilstrom', which is German for 'healing stream'. During community meetings the friends take in this healing energy and hear more about Bruno's very simple teaching; that our thoughts are spiritual forces and that we must separate ourselves from the negative forces that manifest as illness in the body. Continued taking in of this energy restores divine order to our lives as well as heals our physical body.

Helen is a Community Leader for this global organisation that helps and heals on the spiritual path. Many of the healings have been verified by medical doctors. The Circle of Friends meet in Cambridge every three weeks, see below for venue and schedule.
Contact: Helen Hart, yourfreedompath[AT] - More:!bruno-groening
Venue: Centre at St Paul's, Hills Road, Cambridge

The Circle of Friends meet in Cambridge every three weeks. To attend a Community Meeting you must first be introduced,

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Sun 16 Nov: Faith Fair and Celebration of Community, 2-5pm

I am writing on behalf of Cambridge Inter-Faith Group The Group has arranged a combined Faith Fair and Celebration of Community for Sunday afternoon, 16 November 2014, which is the first day of the national Inter Faith Week. All are welcome and we hope for a good attendance again this year.

We are now accepting bookings for stalls at the Faith Fair and receiving offers of speakers for the Celebration of Community. We envisage having ten or eleven speakers, of whom the first will be the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Gerri Bird. We have space for up to about twenty stalls. We hope to have a programme of speakers and stalls that reflect the spectrum of faiths in the local community.

The venue this year is the same as last year: Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, Room LAB 005 in the Lord Ashcroft Building. The recommended entry to the Lord Ashcroft Building is from Broad Street, (the street which leads from East Road along the eastern boundary of the ARU campus).

There is no car parking available on the campus, except that disabled parking may be available if sufficient advance notice is given. There is on-street parking and public car parks within walking distance. Stallholders can deliver heavy items at the entrance to the Lord Ashcroft Building, before going away to park.

There will be no charge for entry to the event or for refreshments (tea/coffee and biscuits). This year we have not set a charge for having a stall at the Fair, but we would appreciate a contribution towards expenses of, say, £10 from groups who have funds available for this purpose. If a non-faith group wishes to have a stall, we will consider it, but we will expect to make a charge. The room is booked from 1.00 to 5.00 p.m. We envisage starting the talks that comprise the Celebration of Community at 2.00 p.m. The theme this year is “The origin of my faith.” Following the talks, people will be free to visit whatever stalls are of interest to them. We hope that stallholders will locate their stalls and do whatever is needed to set them out during the hour before 2.00 p.m. and that they will plan to stay until at least 4.30. The refreshments will be available when the speakers have finished. We plan to have the talks in room LAB 005 and the stalls in the foyer area immediately outside the door to the room, as in 2013.

We envisage that each speaker will have five minutes to tell the audience about “The origin of my faith.” In this way we can all learn more about the different faiths and their origins. After the talks we can go to the stalls to learn more by asking questions and looking at literature.

We would like to compile the lists of stalls and speakers well ahead of the event, and so an early response to this message would be appreciated, even if your response is only provisional at this stage. Please reply to me by e-mail or phone.

As soon as my computer is working correctly, I will send a message attaching a poster advertising the event. We would like as many people as possible to know about the event and so would appreciate any help you can give in publicizing it. This is particularly the case this year as we have not had financial support from the City Council and will have to rely a lot on people who wish to support the event making it known to those on their mailing lists who may be interested.
David Wilman (Chair and Secretary) - ddw[AT] - Cambridge 276912

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