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'Occupy Movement' - Cambridge/UK

Facebook Page:

updated: 27 Aug 2012

Easy: Google for "occupy cambridge uk" - and you'll find this page listed on the top.

Cambridge is an important place for science, education, training and research.
We should contribute something constructive to this new movement and support the "Occupy" Movement
in London and elsewhere.
  Ralph, 11 Nov. 2011

Update comment 13 Dec. from Ralph: dear friends of the occupy movement, I decided: before I go out to change the world, I should clear up the mess in my bedsit first. I have set up this web page, and the Face book page - and I have organised 3 meetings so far. Now it is your turn to become active. Kindle the fire in your heart trough the wintercold, and prepare yourself for 2012. I am happy to post your events and ideas on this page.

Content of this page below:
  1. NEWS & Events Cambridge incl. Reviews of past meetings - Updated 13 March
  2. Strategy of communication & organisation in Cambridge - Updated 7 Feb
  3. Educational & inspiring Links - Updated 7 Feb
  4. Student Occupation of Lady Mitchell Hall Cambridge has ended 30 Nov.
NEW: Ralph plans to move to the Hebden Bridge / West Yorkshire in September 2012

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NEWS & Events Cambridge - (coming events on top, past events below the rainbow line)

Ralph is moving to Hebden Bridge / West Yorkshire in September 2012 I'll withdraw from any active Occupy involvement...
My impression of the Cambridge Occupy movement is, that it's more or less an academic talking club. No action event has been organised in Cambridge since March 2012 (apart form the Student Occupation of Lady Mitchell Hall and some info events). And the Cambridge Occupy Facebook group is only re-posting videos and infos from other groups. - Ralph, 27 August 2012

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12) Tue 15th May 2012: Global Strike Day - Actions everywhere

What can and do we want to do in or around Cambridge?

11) Sun 25 March: ‘What is Wrong with Capitalism? Discussion, 7:30pm

How about bringing some new people into the Occupy Alliance, and getting ourselves out of the activist ghetto? Michael Schluter is speaking at a meeting of Rock Creek Baptist Church, I know, a church. But hear him out:
"The meeting on 25th March at our local church under the title ‘What is Wrong with Capitalism?’ is going ahead at 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm at Morley Primary School, Blinco Grove (off Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge. If you or others from the Occupy Cambridge Movement would like to come and join the discussion, you would be most welcome."
I will be there and I hope you will too. Occupy is a personally transformative movement. It grows in our hearts before it grows anywhere else. Let us come where we are invited. Michael Schluter's organization's website is below. =>
Rachel Mariner
Venue: Morley Primary School, Blinco Grove (off Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge
=> web map with arrow on

10) Review: Tue 13 March: Law demystified, free man on the land, avoiding paying council tax, lawful rebellion & more with Reverend Simon Penton / Glastonbury, 7:30pm

"Knowledge is power" - this was an empowering evening! Simon has studied sovereignty studies for years and shared his research into the odd world of our law. He shared nearly unbelievable facts about our law - and how to get around it, beginning with the Magna Carta. I was hard to understand, mind blowing and VERY informative!
Themes presented included: "legalese" The Law Society, the meaning of using our names and titles, "affidavit", how to not give consent & more.
More links to follow after this intoduction will hopefully follow => =>
Simon wrote:
"My subject for presentation is about sovereignty and Natural Law. In my study of the wider subject for the last 2.5+ years I have been helping folk to wake up to not paying taxes, council tax, fines, PCNs etc. I do not pay those things. I have also become involved in trust issues and the UCT ( because the registration of birth signifies an account created and vast value per human being, yet when we consent to another trust (UK plc is a trust) we take our being and our assets 'into the private' and become like the elite have done with their private trusts (i.e. untouchable). .....

The solutions include resilience by doing what the elite do and creating Community Trusts based upon Family Trusts, to protect communities and families and individuals. then remove ourselves from all forms of registration with the state and close the accounts that the state feeds off. Then we can enter into a strong position to negotiate an alternative way. While folk pay tax to support an inherently corrupt system then the system will continue.

The 3 layers of law are Civil, Maritime/Admiralty, and Ecclesiastical. Why? Our Common Law is run according to Admiralty (military) process using deceit at every level. Ecclesiastical Law is a reflection of the Vatican declarations of rule of the world and all its humans and property via the Papal Bulls (" (Simon Penton)
Cost: donation for room hire.
Venue: Friends Meeting House (Fox Room), 91 Hartington Grove, CB1 7UB, (off Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge. Free parking.

9) Review: Wed 7 March: meeting Cambridge Occupy Group, 7:30

5 of us met. Not much oomph nor commitment in the Cambridge Occupy group. Doing something together (rather than talking about) would be good! The best seems to be not to try to establish our new(ish) group, but be connectors between our & other groups: bring the global perspective to them - and pass their local actions on to Occupy Cambridge.
Pub meetings were really not successful, but meetings with speakers were much better attended and should carry on. Who will organise the next one?
We are waiting that someone will organise another event - and Ralph will post it here & on our Facebook page.

Venue was the "Jolly Scholar" (formerly: "The Bun Shop") upstairs, 1 King Street, CB1 1LH (Cambridge city), phone: 526 268
=> map with arrow on

8) Review: 'Why Occupy ?' Mon 5th March Discussion with Ian & Robert from "Occupy Norwich", 7:30-9:30pm

Table with Reasons 
   why to Occupy
Table with "What is Occupy about?" (Norwich work group)
Occupy Norwich
The Occupy Camp on Haymarket in Norwich / Norfolk

9 from Cambridge & Ian & Robert from the Occupy Camp (Hay Hill, Norwich, Nr2 1QE - see attended.
They shared anecdotes of the day to day life camping in a city, the public reaction and interactions, their perspective of what the movement is about, what's worked and what's failed and what they hope to do in the future. We had a good sharing - very inspiring.
=> Occupy Norwich YouTube channel: - the best videos around the global Occupy Movement!
Venue: Friends Meeting House (Fox Room), 91 Hartington Grove, CB1 7UB, (off Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge. Free parking.

7) Review Cambridge Occupy meeting: Wed 8 Feb, 7:30pm, Cambridge city

Initial planning meeting for Occupy Cambridge. Nice meeting (about 5 of us), sharing plans for future events, and hopefully organising a major event to coincide with the international Mayday call-out.
Rachel led this Meeting and wrote minutes, posted on our Facebook page, also on (posted 10 Feb)
Venue: The Bath House Pub, 3 Bene't Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QN (right in the city of Cambridge, near the Guildhall)
=> web map with arrow on

6) Review: Mon 30 Jan Meeting with the "Cambridge Zeitgeist Movement" (6-7:30pm) + video (8pm)

The guys from the "Life is a Gift" and "Free Reels" groups were showing "Zeitgeist Addendum" at 8pm, not far from CB2 Café, we took this opportunity to have a meeting beforehand. Pan (meeting organiser) was very inspiring. Was good to meet.
Venue: CB2 Café upstairs (=> the flag), Norfolk Street (just off East Road) -

5) Review Cambridge Occupy Meeting: Sun 8 January @ Rachel's, near Addenbrooke's, 2pm

Ralph has sent detailed minutes of this meeting by email (on Tue 10 January). Contact Rachel at: [if you can't see this e-mail: click the yellow bar on top of the screen to "Allow running scripts"]
See also our Facebook Page

4) Review Cambridge Occupy Meeting: Tuesday 3rd January 2012, 1pm

Theme: "Derail the Road to War". William Gleeson, Stephen Lawrence & others meeting about various peace issues - William would like to set up groups in Ely and Newmarket - maybe "Occupy" groups, maybe peace-orientated.
Ralph has sent detailed minutes of this meeting by email (on Tue 10 January).
Venue: "CB2" Café (upstairs), Norfolk Street (just off East Road) -

3) Review: Tue 13 Dec: Occupy Meeting Cambridge @ CB2 Café, 11-1pm

4 people attended and we shared our ideas and feelings about what we could / should do here in Cambridge. Ideas:
- an info stall
to get in touch with more people
- a regular "lunch club" to discuss & share whatever in a relaxed atmosphere.

We all felt, this time before Christmas is not very good for any activities.

2) Review Tue 6 Dec: workshop 'consensus process & facilitators training' with Hannah Chalut, 11-1pm

We had an amazing workshop with Hannah with a dozen people attending. Here is a link to Hannah's write up of her workshop:¬e_id=281649011875293
Hannah wrote:
"Consensus process has been a staple of resistance movements for the past several decades. As the occupy movement takes root and negotiates its transitions the consensus process continues to evolve. We will look at communications in the movement, focusing on processes at Occupy London as our example. Training methods for facilitators will be discussed and we will participate in training as part of the workshop."
Hannah has been training the consensus process and facilitators training at Occupy London for several weeks and is happy to give this workshop and inform us about her experiences "from an important centre of the revolution". The workshop will be free of charge - donations for use of the church are welcome.

One of the biggest internal issues facing the 'Occupy LSX' at the moment is organisation and co-ordination on the basis of all decisions being made by consensus of the General Assembly only. See article in 'The Occupied Times'
Venue: St Edward Church, Peas Hill (between Guildhall and King's College), Cambridge, CB2 3PP -

1) Review 'Occupy Movement' Information Meeting & 'Money Demystified' talk by Stephen Lawrence (Wed 23 Nov)

20 people came to the Friends Meeting House, Hartington Grove - about half of them were Quakers. We heard reports from the St. Pauls tent city London, the "Bank of Ideas", Yesterday's Student Occupation of Lady Mitchell Hall in Cambridge and a visitor's impression from the "Occupy WallStreet" in NYcity. The Press Release by the Quakers from last week was read out (see Links below). The collection covered exactly the venue hire :). The talk was interesting, but we ran out of time re. positive alternatives - please check the Updated Educational Links below!

For the next meeting I hope to get Hannah from Occupy London Stock Exchange / St. Pauls Cathedral (Occupy LSX) to come and speak to us about direct democracy and the principles of the movement.

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2) Strategy of communication & organisation in Cambridge:

Let us create organisational and information structures NOW, so we can use them in the near future:

The following is the beginning of a public discussion below - latest posts on the top. (Ralph)

Ideas what to do here in Cambridge:

"15M Global Strike - What is the plan?" - (an impressive web site, which outlines the past, present and next steps of the global movements. It gives a very good orientation frame for local actions)

I don't think we should / could occupy anything in Cambridge - the role of Cambridge is more that of a think tank and scientific research. Also our little "occupy" group has no oompf (yet).
Realistic / actionable seems to me:
- small groups could do symbolic and inspiring actions (like Greenpeace)
- Critical University professors could team up and organise a big symposium crossing traditional borders of study and research for positive solutions of the current global crisis.
Ralph, 31 January 2012

Winter Carnival - that is a non-tent occupy idea. Rachel writes all about it on her blog:

- a regular "lunch club" to discuss & share whatever in a relaxed atmosphere. Venue???

Why don't we make an info stall in front of the Guildhall on the Market Square? We'll have lots of by passers, can discuss with them and be present in the public, without all the hassle of having to live in a cold tent...
- We could build little tents or tipis & display a symbolic tent village on the table
- We should produce a leaflet with a catching headline (Occupy Cambridge?) and some info / events
- we can collect email addresses of interested people Ralph, 6 Dec.

Guten Abend,
Just read the article about Iceland linked from your web page. Don't we need similar democracy in Britain?
After the wave of "occupation" has broken (perhaps in a sequence of waves to come), ripples and wavelets of transforming activity will continue.
To carry ideas and worked-out public policy onward into action, the movements must exercise political power. Can this be achieved without resorting to violence? Neither the political parties, nor the bureaucrats at home and in Europe, are capable of resolving the problems of the 21st century. One way forward is sketched here:

Let us start work and grow the campaign to introduce elements of direct, citizen-led democracy. These democratic "tools" include:

  • The Proposal. Also known as citizens' proposition or citizens' initiative. If a proposal can gather the support of a large agreed number of voters (electors) then a debate about the proposal must be held in public and parliament (at local level, council). If the proposal is rejected by parliament then a ballot of all the people must be held to decide the matter in legally binding manner.
  • Veto Referendum. A government law or policy can be blocked if a large number of voters call for a referendum to veto.
These methods of democracy and self-determination can only be introduced by legislation. So we need a "Democracy Bill" which contains the principles described above. It will take a major campaign in order to elect a majority of Members of Parliament who will vote for the Democracy Bill.
All creative movements for social and political change, campaigns, NGOs, trade unions and others are invited to "add on" direct democracy to their list of demands.
Politicians, most representatives of corporate power, and the rich, all hate the thought of power-sharing evoked by the prospect direct democracy. So there will be stiff resistance by establishment figures and groupings.
Regards, Michael [for Citizens' initiative and referendum (I&R) - Campaign for Direct Democracy]   2 Dec.

  • I started an email list for all in Cambridge interested in the Occupy Movement:
    Please let me know if you want to be included! e:

  • I visualise critical University professors and students organising a symposium around positive solutions of the current global crisis, which affects our societies in many aspects - not just the banking system.

  • NEW Facebook Page: "Occupy Movement - Cambridge/UK"

  • I don't think we should occupy a venue in Cambridge, but rather occupy/engage our hearts and minds and organise information and support events.

  • We could have various 'Occupy' information / solidarity events happening here in Cambridge to get people involved.

  • A web blog for Cambridge / UK might be helpful - is anyone able and happy to set one up?
    I'll post the link HERE.

  • Inspiring Links / videos: I plan to post the best videos on this page below. Please let me know which ones you think are best.
This page is a starting point - a spring board. I am a Cambridge networker and have a lot of contacts - and inspiration.
Please contact me, if you want to get involved!

Hear from you!
Ralph Nimmann (1st posted 11 November 2011)
e: , phone: 510442 (lunchtimes & 6pm-9:45pm is best)

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3) Selected Links & Videos about the "Occupy" Movement:

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4) Student Occupation of Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue ended on 30 Nov.

"The occupation of Lady Mitchell Hall ended yesterday [30 Nov.] evening with students joining UCU picket lines and marching with thousands of strikers through Cambridge. Students collectively decided to end the occupation on its eighth day with a general assembly, attended by local trade unionists, students, and community members. In its eight days in occupation, Lady Mitchell Hall has served as a hub for student organising against the White Paper and in support of the public sector strike.

Over five hundred students have participated in the occupation since last Tuesday. Events included a rare poetry reading by J.H. Prynne, talks by Selma James and Raymond Geuss, workshops on Higher Education reform, film screenings and musical performances.

Last night Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) passed a motion in support of the aims of the occupation and vowing to engage with its activities in support of the strike and against the White Paper.

At the time of departure fifty-five academics at the University of Cambridge signed a statement in support of the occupation. Throughout the period of occupation, students were inundated with messages of support both nationally and internationally, from student organisations, trade unions, and local groups fighting the cuts."
[ copy of post on 1 Dec. 2011 ]

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