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Bharat Bhavan: Cambridge Hindu Shrine
(Old Library) by the 'Indian Culture & Community Association'

- updated 15 February 2011 -

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Hindu Shrine at Bharat Bhavan, January 2011

The hall at the Mill Road bridge is open for user groups.

Bharat Bhavan means "House of India". It is used by the Indian Cultural and Community Association, ICCA.
It is home of a Hindu shrine for Cambridge and the region. Most of the ICCA members are connected with Gujrati.

The ICCA aspires to the beautiful words of Mahatma Gandhi: "I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be closed, instead I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible."
All mayor Indian festivals celebrated and guests are welcome to join in.

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Location of Bharat Bhavan Cambridge:

Bharat Bhavan Cambridge 
view from Mill Road, foot of railway bridge
Bharat Bhavan Cambridge, view from Mill Road, foot of railway bridge
The big red brick building in Mill Road between Kingston Street and the railway bridge, adjacent to Regent Language School, at the foot of the railway bridge, has has been known as "The Old Library" in the past.

Postal address:
Bharat Bhavan, [Bharat Way,] Mill Road (/bridge), Cambridge, CB1 2AZ.
Click here to see location in Cambridge street map (you can zoom this map in and out at right bottom corner)

Parking is limited; try car park Gwydir Street, just behind the Bath House Mill Rd. (pay & display - free after 5pm & on Sundays) or streets in the neighbourhood. If you park in front of the building, make sure the access to the depot is free for heavy lorries and buses at all times.
NO ILLIGAL PARKING - the traffic wardens have their depot next door and are patrolling past every hour!

Public transport: buses Citi 2, 16, 17, stop "Gwydir Street".
The railway station is only 10 min walk away (from the station, just walk to the right across the station carpark, under the cycle bridge with plastc tunnel, and carry on until you come to Mill Road: you see Bharat Bhavon opposite, as on the photo above)
From the central bus station walk past the police station, fire brigade and Parkside Pool about one Kilometer along Mill Road - just before the railway bridge on your left is Bharat Bhavan. Or take bus "Citi 2" towards Addenbrooke's until 'Gwydir Street'.

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  • Indian Association Huntingdon:
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, UK Centre: in London, West Kensington

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