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9/11 World Peace Pages
Cambridge (England)
after September 11, 2001
on R a i n b o w Network Cambridge
(created 14 Sept '01 - last update: September 2011 )

Justice: YES.   Bombing: NO.
Enough people have died.

May the power of truth lead to justice.
May justice bring peace.

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'7/7 London explosions distract from G8 - who benefits?'
by by Ralph Nimmann, 9th July 2005 - More comments by Ralph

Please check also 9 / 11 Updates and 9/11 peace links

Below is a 5 minute condensed summary about 9/11 on YouTube - a MUST watch! - Ralph (September 2011)

Watch the above viseo on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=MmbPh3u7_q0
... and carry on watching the follow up videos!

dear readers of the peace pages,                                                   November 2002

The Peace Pages reflect my sincere quest for the truth in the weeks and months after Sept. 11th '01. They show, how much information relatively soon after September 11 was available for those who wanted it.
The deeper I got into the various aspects and background, the more shocking indications of officials knowing or even being involved in war and terrorist actions came up.

I cannot and don't want to cope with all that any more - too much negativity. I know enough to definitely not wanting to get involved in all that. This is why these pages were not updated and completed any more. I decided to concentrate on positive thoughts, words and action in my local community in Cambridge / England instead. Very occasionally I forward the odd peace related email to everyone on my peace e-mail list.

It is saddening, how all the critical thoughts and information still have not made their way into the broad public awareness - maybe the public does not want to know the truth?

Read some critical papers (you still find some outside the US) or find more information on critical news pages like www.truthout.org or www.rense.com or "The truth about 911": http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jpdesm/pentagon/investigation77.htm (list of links to documented evidence of high level US complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001).

Ralph Nimmann

Highly recommended critical summary of 9/11:
(Sept. 2003)

I very strongly feel the need to uncover the whole truth behind the current crisis. We merely see the tip of the iceberg. There is MUCH more under the surface, than we are told.
The information and inspiration on the Cambridge Peace Pages aims to complete and change the picture the media and politicians are telling us. There are several indications, that some Americans knew about and helped the September 11 atrocities to happen.

You can either start from the beginning and read through the files, following my quest for the truth, begin with the Summary of contents or start with a kind of overview: ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion by Canadian journalist William Thomas.

November 2001, Ralph Nimmann - Ra in bo w Network Cambridge / UK

Contents of the World Peace Pages Cambridge:

Summary of contents | Do you value Ralph's information on this web site?

Thanks to Jean Hudon, Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator www.earthrainbownetwork.com and many others, who collected and sent me e-mail, which I used for compiling the Peace Pages.
I selected and collected the information above following my intuition as well as common sense.

Now it is YOUR turn to DO something with the information and inspiration provided on this web site: please quote it in discussion boards, letters to the editor, your MP, copy files to friends and make them think.

NEW 1 Dec. '01: 'My Story' - Ralph's peace involvement

Peace cannot exist without justice  -  there can't be justice without knowing the truth.  
So let's take heart and ask the questions to find out the truth:

the facts WHAT happened exactly on 11 Sep 2001 as well as
why some things did NOT happen as they normally would.
Then we should ask, who was behind the atrocities,
who was planning, financing, and supporting the suicide terrorists.
Then we have to try to understand WHY they were motivated - "Never judge someone, unless you have walked a mile in their moccasins." (North American wisdom).
After this we may be in a position to judge and to decide on actions.

6 Oct 2001 Ralph Nimmann - Ra in bo w Network Cambridge / UK

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Thoughts and suggestions:

Let's control our emotions and not fall down on that level of barbaric terrorists by our political reactions: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" (Gandhi). Stay centred - consider to join a vigil or other action or the Global Meditation for Peace.

Be open to information and other possibilities - the real truth may be more complicated as it seems. We live in the age of coloured TVs - how come, that some still have the simple 'black and white' thinking? Why are some obvious questions to find the truth not asked in the public?

Be friendly, compassionate and hospitable to people from other countries.
We are ONE global family. NO religion justifies killing yourself or even others. Show your solidarity (see private actions) - it is needed NOW.

Be careful! We are being brain washed by the permanent bombardment of news from the media - it paralyses you and me (read Turn off your TV and radio). It manipulates us with emotions - even may prepare us for another war. Example: the TV slots of celebrating Palestinians on September 11, 2001 were old ones from 1991 (see links below).

16 September 2001 - Ralph Nimmann


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