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Deeksha Experiences of Participants
at Bruhn's & Cecil's enlightenment events in Cambridge & London
- "Oneness Blessing" -

updated 13 April '06

More UK experiences at:

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Participant's Feedback after seminars with Bruhn & Cecil 12th & 14th Jan. '06:

As a Reiki and Crystal Healer, I have much experience of energy healing. What I noticed with the Deeksha meditation was that, instead of the 'pushing' energy characteristic of e.g. Reiki, I did not actually feel energy flooding through me, but instantly felt blockages releasing and cleansing begin. It was unusual to feel the healings of energy in such a way. I left feeling much more positive than I had been feeling for some time.
That night, I experienced dreams which helped me analyse problems in my life and the next day, my body felt healthier and I felt more relaxed as a whole.
Vidya M, Cambridge, January '06

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Dear Ralph
First and foremost, I am so grateful that you told me about the talk on Thursday-it was a real blessing for me and in a City that I don't feel is that frendly it was good to feel so connected. I even shared a totally sponateous hug with a woman I occasionally see at the Five Rhythms i go to in Cambridge. That was definitley down to the space and energy I was in on Thursday.

The deeksha energy shared with me was very powerful and continued after the evening although I sense I am losing it now. As we were told it is so hard to adequately describe the experience. I felt a rare kind of clarity and beautiful emptyness and openness - as if my mind simply shut down and stopped trying to run me with its constant voices & challenges.

Thanks again and I am so glad for you that your faith in organizing such events has hopefully been reinforced - when from what you said there are times when you have doubted it!
Stephen, Cambridge, January '06

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Dear Ralph,
i have no grace or miracles to share from the deekshas i have attended. i have generally liked the atmosphere at deekshas.
the idea that we could one day be getting on tube trains and enlightening each other by eye contact is something that has long appealed, so hearing it articulated at deekshas a year ago attracted me.
i enjoy eye meditation for its own sake anyway and have done for decades i guess. i have probably attended nearly 20 deekshas by now but i'm not counting and am well aware that experience is of zero value ("breakthrough" as Bruhn put it being the thing). By now the atmosphere i experience seems to get less. C'est la vie. Everything Changes.
visited an advaita teacher yesterday.

dear Simon,
I like to add two comments:
1) Years back in Berlin, my clairvoyant meditation teacher Yashi Kunz (her aura was over 1 Kilometer wide) answered my question, why I seemed to feel the energy less with the time: "Ralph, you just got used to the energies".
2) Do you remember Bruhn telling his story, how frustrated he was in India after 5 days deeksha intensive, when he did not feel ANYTHING at all? He felt so sorry for himself, that he bought some ice cream for comfort - until he finally accepted the situation as it was.
The next morning he woke up enlightened - and he still is....
Ralph, January '06

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Dear Bruhn & Cecil (and Ralph),

We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the gift you have brought into our lives. Our words feel a clumsy way to express the experience, but if they can be of value please use them.

We attended the evening seminar in Cambridge and afterwards signed on for & attended the London workshop. There have been some wonderful and strange experiences since, but mostly a sense of freedom - what could be best described as a witness state - free from playing victim to the mind's chatter and related anxieties. Also many bodily pains and stresses have simply ceased. It feels as though someone unlocked the gate to the cage we were kept prisoner, and we are now venturing outside.. slowly opening to a growing sense of freedom.

A few months ago Margare woke up with a name and a number that was given to her in a dream. The name was Kalki, the number 8.314 - which we later found out is a dimensionless universal constant called R - the ideal gas constant. We were both intrigued and from researching the name we came across Bhagavan & Amma's website. Nothing further came of it until coming across the Deeksha evening in Cambridge. We felt a very strong connection, and wish to thank you for being the channels for that wonderful balanced male/female energy that we have been searching for so long.

Many, many thanks
With love & light
Shaan & Margare, Cambridge, January '06

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Participant's Feedback after the 1st seminar with Bruhn 27 Oct.'05 in Cambridge:

A dozen people came to this evening, which had to be organised by Ralph within 7 days after Bruhn invited himself by e-mail.

My Deeksha experience of Bruhn's 1st evening in Cambridge:
I did feel energy flowing in my hands and feet during the session. In the next days I had sensations of energy tickling in my crown chakra and I seemed to notice more meaningful moments.
I am very much looking forward to the next catalytic experience.
Ralph, Cambridge, Oct. '05

At my second and third deeksha experience I felt the same tickeling in my crown chakra and a kind of inner peace. In the following days I met some special people and had some deep meaningful contact with them - it felt as if we were guided to meet. My life feels a bit like flowing more easily - and stronger.
Ralph, Cambridge, January '06

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Dear Bruhn,
I was at the Deeksha in Cambridge last Thursday. The 4 of us who came from Ipswish have been sharing experiences. Daniel suggested that I forward mine to you. Hope you are well. And many, many thanks again for the Deeksha.

It certainly was a mega Deeksha session!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not maintained the sense of self-assurance and peace, but had some very interesting visualizations (like a shamanic journey) on the night. In the first 2 minute one . . . right at the end I had come to a steep snowly cliff which I was unable to climb and I asked the angels to toss me over it. The other side was a void of love. It was very interesting later in the evening when Bruhn said you need help to reach enlightenment! I had never realised that before and my visualisation was giving me a interesting hint.

During the actual Deeksha. My throat, third eye and Crown chakras where all going completely mad and expanding. Felt like my crown had been a rustly lid that finally popped open. The visualisation that went with the sensation was of a massive vine growing out of the top of my head, endless. It kept spurting out all the way home and while I was falling asleep that night and continued on until about 10.00 the next day when it finally reached the seed at the end, only to start yet another vine/tree, and yet another. I really had to laugh. It then struck me that I had been praying to Amma since last January to make my Deeksha seed grow into a mighty tree! Seems as though I've grown a forest! But I have to admit I don't know what to do with it!
With lots of love and best wishes,
Pam, Nov.'05

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Hi Bruhn

Larry here, the graying American artist kabbalist whoever! Thank you so very much for last evening's diksha in Cambridge and the wonderfully human and sensitive enlightenment presentation.

I can report I've been feeling a significant shift I could only describe as lightness of being and a strange imperturbability. I'm eager to watch it grow and take hold in further fruitfulness.

I also wanted to let you know I would be very interested in attending a one-day intensive in January.

Thank you again and again for the power of your Light Trans-Mission.

Om Shantih Shalom Salaam Namaste Etcetera!

Larry, Cambridge, Oct.'05

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NEW since April '06: Bruhn's & Cecil's web page: http://www.onenesscenter.org/

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