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Before we can heal ourSelves, we first need to come clean with ourselves.
The energy of Purification will help you to forgive yourSelf for making choices you did not understand completely at the time.

Once you are free of regret and Selfpitty, you can start healing yourSelf after which you will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love.

Purify yourSelf!

The tension in the world is growing. Open up a random newspaper, watch the evening news and what we see if we look closely is a world in transition. The distance between the light and the dark side in the world is growing rapidly. But wouldn't we all like to be surrounded by light and love?

As the Earth is purifying itself with water, wind and rain so do we need to purify ourselves to prepare us for our own individual transition. As the Earth 'hurts' itself, so must we realize that we might feel 'hurt' if we dare start this process of purification. Get rid of old habits, so-called programs, we run day in day out without realizing it.

A powerful way of doing this is by using Sacred Geometry. Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems. Our subconsciousness recognises complex Sacred Geometrical symbols that have been used since time immemorial. Although our conscious minds will not understand, and even might think them strange, Sacred Geometry has a powerful effect on our mental state and also our physical body.

This code, called Purification, has been published with the sole purpose of helping people with this purification. It has no copyrights!

So copy it!

Forward it to as many people as you like (you get no extra credits for this, no wishes fulfilled)

No company or organization will benefit from this, just every individual who gets a glimpse of the Sacred Geometry.

Spread Purification around the world, Unconditionally.


[This page is: www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/spirit/purification.htm]


- - - rainbow line - - -

The above text and mandala were received by e-mail from robinbee[AT]byrononline.net in June 2006.
When I look at the mandala, I feel energy ticling in my hands and feet - an indication that it works Ralph
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